Intangible Finance Standards. Advances in Fundamental by Ken Standfield

By Ken Standfield

This e-book asserts that intangibles create monetary transactions, no longer vice versa. It deals precise, reproducible equipment of valuing intangibles in intangible varieties, with linked and significant monetary values. It additionally provides new administration frameworks during which all kinds of intangibles should be categorized, measured, controlled, and mentioned.

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2. Legal (hard) intangibles—the representation of competitive intangibles in information or other form that is capable of legal protection (copyright, trademark, and so on). These resources can be owned by the firm, and sold separately from the people that create them (licensing, outright sale, and so on). 3. Financial transactions—actual exchanges of money that are created from leveraging competitive intangibles or legal intangibles. It is the management of competitive intangibles that creates or destroys competitive advantage (and hence share price).

Law of Performance Organizations exhibit two types of performance: (1) Financial (accounting) performance, and (2) Intangible (business) Performance. L20) Intangible Laws In addition to the 18 new valuation laws listed above, there are several intangible laws that must also be factored. There are numerous intangible laws,5 an understanding of which is critical to your understanding of Intangible Financial Statements. A summary of these laws is provided here for your reference. L1) Intangible performance causes financial performance.

Under a conventional economics framework, an increase in intangible demand can be embodied as a right shift of the demand function (an increase in demand). Assume that an organization sells widgets. It expects to sell 100 widgets at a price of $10. This firm will therefore generate total revenue of $1000 ($10/unit ¥ 100 units = $1000). L1), intangible performance causes financial performance. This means that the $1000 revenue is the end result of numerous intangible transactions. Some of these intangible transactions will be negative.

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