Invincible, The Games of Shusaku (Weiqi) by Shusaku, John Power

By Shusaku, John Power

THE SAINT OF pass: Shusaku was once the top participant of the golden age of move within the mid-19th century. He has develop into identified to later generations because the Saint of cross (Kisei or Gosei) and is famous via smooth avid gamers as one of many maximum geniuses within the background of the sport. His victories over his contemporaries in a few suits contributed to his recognition, yet its major starting place is his excellent checklist, no longer even approached by means of the other participant, of 19 successive wins within the annual fortress video games performed within the presence of the shogun. SHUSAKU'S acceptance: Shusaku is taken into account the simplest version for aspiring specialist gamers to review, in particular his video games with black. He used to be unexcelled in his whole mastery of the strategic ideas and the sensible ideas of pass. His video games are a treasure condo of all of the different components of the sport, from the fuseki to the endgame, yet particularly they supply beginner gamers with perfect fabric for learning the paintings of battling within the heart video game. listed below are a few twentieth century perspectives of Shusaku: "Shusaku simplified the complexity of move, concealing his nice power and profound research underneath the graceful floor of his game... it isn't an exaggeration to claim that every one the rules and the entire recommendations of move are embodied in centred shape in Shusaku's go." - Segoe Kensaku 9-dan "The velocity and forcefulness of Shusaku's play with black are like lightning awesome the cross board; his ability at completing off his opponent as soon as he took the lead is unrivalled." - Hayashi Yutaka, cross historian

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Special Possessions: dagger + 2, bracers of defense AC 5, ringofprotection + 1, wand oflightning(5 charges), dust of disappearance (4 pinches). Mallon Fer’Asque 8th Level Male Half-elven Wizard Wage) Str 9 Dex 9 Con 15 Int 17 Wis 11 Cha 14 Alignment: N hp: 29 THACO 18 AC 4 Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, dart. Non-weapon Proficiencies: ancient languages (17). etiquette (14),herbalism (17). spellcraft + 2 (17). Languages: Common, Elven, Flan, Nyrondese. Experience Point Tally: 122,725 Special Abilities: 30%resistant to sleep/charm spells, detects secret doors 1 in 6 (2 in 6 if concentrating), 60’ infravision.

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