Jung's Map of the Soul: An introduction by Murray Stein

By Murray Stein

greater than a trifling evaluation, the booklet deals readers a robust grounding within the easy ideas of Jung's analytical psychology as well as illuminating insights.

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It is the individualizing agent in human consciousness. The ego focuses human consciousness and gives our conscious behavior its purposefulness and direction. Because we have an ego, we possess the freedom to make choices that may defy our instincts for self-preservation, propagation, and creativity. The ego contains our capacity to master large amounts of material within consciousness and to manipulate them. It is a powerful associative magnet and an organizational agent. Because humans have such a force at the center of consciousness, they are able to integrate and direct large quantities of data.

Above all, his writings provide us with images of a great mystery, the human psyche. 1 Surface: (Ego-Conconscious) I will begin unrolling Jung’s map of the psyche by looking at his description of human consciousness and its most central feature, the ego. ” This is an obvious starting point, and it is the entrance to the vast inner space that we call the psyche. It is also a complex feature of the psyche, one that still holds many puzzles and unanswered questions. Although Jung was more interested in discovering what lay beneath consciousness in the hinterlands of the psyche, he also took on the task of describing and explaining human consciousness.

They have less of an ego. Do they know that they are, that they will individually die, that they are separate individuals? It is doubtful. The poet Rilke held that animals do not face death the way humans do, and that gives them the advantage of living more fully in the present moment. 6 After a certain point in development, the human ego and human consciousness become largely defined and shaped by the cultural world in which a person grows up and becomes educated. This is a layer, or wrapping, of ego structure that surrounds the central ego.

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