Laptops All-in-One For Dummies, Second Edition by Corey Sandler

By Corey Sandler

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What are the sorts of tasks I will perform on my laptop? Will I use it only for the Internet, e-mail, and simple tasks like word processing? If so, am I willing to accept the lower-cost compromise that is called a netbook? ✦ Is a standard screen sufficient or do I need a super-sized screen? (A big screen looks great and is easier to read, but the laptop will be larger, heavier, and a few hundred dollars more expensive. ) ✦ How many hours of battery life do I really need? (If the longest time you anticipate being between wall outlets is two hours, don’t pay for a larger-capacity battery.

What’s the best seat on an airplane for a road warrior with a laptop computer? Well, First Class isn’t bad, but if you’re back with the common folk in Economy, try to get a seat in an exit row. On most airplanes that row is wider and the seat in front of you doesn’t recline. If you’re in a regular row, consider politely asking the person seated in front of you to give you advance warning before reclining the seat. If that doesn’t work, wedge your knee against the seat. On some of the latest machines, the clamshell’s upper half is also home to a tiny lens and digital Webcam for video or photos; one or two audio microphones may be nearby.

Any preconfigured machine you see on the shelves or online was put together months ago. A machine you custom order may offer some components that are brand new to the market, and come with the latest software versions and updated drivers. When customizing, you choose a base model from companies such as Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, and others, and then configure internal components such as the following: ✦ Microprocessor type and speed, within the range of chips supported by the particular motherboard used in each model.

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