Let Them Eat Flax: 70 All-New Commentaries on the Science of by Joe Schwarcz

By Joe Schwarcz

By way of asking questions akin to Is your orange juice pasteurized? or Did the girl who whipped up the icing in your cake put on fake fingernails? this ebook varieties hokum from real technological know-how in terms of nutrition defense. Investigating every little thing from the healthiness merits of chocolate and oxygenated water to the factors of nutrition poisoning and the therapeutic strength of prayer, brief commentaries use wit and humor to debunk folklore and misconceptions. Indicating which meals reviews might be relied on, this advisor offers the data had to purchase, shop, and prepare dinner meals with no risking existence and limb.

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The question of a link between breast cancer and acrylamide has also been examined in light of the fact that high doses increase the risk of mammary tumors in rats. A Swedish study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2005, found no evidence of a connection after having followed over 43,000 women with an average age of thirty-nine for eleven years. Based on food frequency questionnaires at the beginning of the study, the women were divided into five categories that reflected their intake of acrylamide.

This meshed with the longstanding observation that animals on calorie-restricted diets have a longer life expectancy. —— 59 Schwarcz/Let eat flax/Ind 59 —— 11/10/05, 22:45 DR. JOE SCHWARCZ Humans also produce a version of sirtuin, but most people rebel at the idea of upping their production of the enzyme if it means cutting their caloric intake to the verge of starvation. What’s the point of living longer, they muse, if you are constantly so hungry that you wish you were dead? That’s why Howitz and Sinclair decided to explore the possibility of increasing sirtuin levels by other means.

With less leptin production, —— 38 Schwarcz/Let eat flax/Ind 38 —— 11/10/05, 22:45 LET THEM EAT FLAX food consumption goes up. Leptin also acts on the stomach to prevent the release of ghrelin, the major hormone responsible for hunger. If there is an excess of fructose in the bloodstream, leptin is not increased, and the stomach cells are not stopped from producing ghrelin. We feel hungry, and we eat more. Furthermore, glucose itself provides satiety signals to the brain, but the transporter molecule that fructose uses to enter cells is absent from the brain.

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