Longing for Paradise: Psychological Perspectives on an by Mario Jacoby

By Mario Jacoby

The eager for freedom from clash, agony and deprivation is an everlasting human dream of serious emotional strength. it's the dream of overall happiness, embodied in just about all cultures because the fantasy of Paradise. the writer, a Jungian analyst, starts off with a dialogue of the mental connection among the assumption of Paradise and the crucially decisive caliber of the Mother-infant courting in deciding upon a kid's improvement.

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This helped constellate the other side of the mother archetype, the fundamental sense of security, nourishment and natural growth. Dreams now appeared with blossoming, springlike landscapes, ideal settings for the experience of maternal caring and attention. Supported by the security of our relationship, she finally dared to examine and comprehend the causal relationships in her o w n life more objectively and without great feelings of guilt. Her self-confidence grew and she found employment appropriate to her real nature, a position which gave her pleasure and in which she was appreciated accordingly.

As a result the mother feels herself overtaxed and can barely suppress her resentment of her burdensome offspring. This in turn generates guilt feelings, in which she berates 42 PARADISE AS AN IMAGE OF PRIMAL BLISS herself for being incapable of loving her child properly or of being a decent mother to it. Such guilt feelings often mask unconscious desires to be free of the child. These horrid intimations, prompted by the inner "death mother," are generally overcompensated by outbreaks of inappropriate and exaggerated attention and anxiety.

To tions the Tree of Life, as well as a Tree of T r ~ t hAccording some of the prophets and later traditions of Judaism, the biblical Paradise was also situated on a mountain. Since that tale speaks of the Land of Four Rivers, two of which are designated as the Tigris and Euphrates, there has often been speculation that the Garden of Eden was actually located in the mountains of Armenia, where these two rivers have their source. Very similar is the Indian idea of Mount Meru, situated at earth's North Pole.

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