Loser's Town: A David Spandau Novel by Daniel Depp

By Daniel Depp

Deepest investigator David Spandau, an ex-stuntman conversant in the fine details of Hollywood—a shrewdpermanent, tricky, and wickedly humorous observer of l. a. vie L.A.—finds his endurance nearly sapped while he’s employed to guard actor Bobby Dye from a blackmailing scheme long past flawed. Dye—young, brash, and at the verge of turning into an important star—has been organize through gangster Richie Stella, a nightclub proprietor and drug broker with desires of turning into a Hollywood manufacturer. And he has a film excellent for Dye. challenge is, it’s the worst script anyone’s ever learn. yet Richie isn't effortless to decline to, and whilst he retaliates, the sport turns into lethal for various of its gamers. Charged with the weather of all nice L.A. noir—crackling discussion, fast moving plot, and seedy, jaded characters—Loser’s city is a deftly written mystery and a gruesomely hilarious depiction of what is going on underneath these white letters at the mountainside

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But you could never tell what Squiers was thinking, if what he did could be called thinking. There was always just that sort of glassy look, as if he’d managed to focus through your eyes and onto the back of your head. Potts waited for a move, the flicker of a muscle before he struck, because you’d never see it in his eyes first. Squiers might be a fucking moron but you couldn’t read him and you couldn’t assume he’d even do what was in his own interest. Finally Squiers just shrugged and turned and went downstairs.

Potts started opening doors. ’ They trudged up the steps. Potts opened a door. An office. He opened another one. A large messy bedroom. He pushed open another one. The girl sat slumped on the toilet. She looked maybe sixteen or seventeen, very pretty, with long brown hair and a good figure. She was wearing a short, plaid skirt and a pair of colored tights were down around her ankles. A needle and a syringe stuck out of her left thigh, and the works for cooking up heroin sat on the sink next to her.

Because, honey, it’s part of your fucking job to know who’s important and who’s not, and important people don’t have time to chat. ’ ‘Why does everybody act as if they’ve just had a goddamned lobotomy? Robert, you come with me. ’ ‘I’ll just meet you there,’ Spandau told her. ’ She grunted and strode to the elevator and assaulted a button. Apparently the elevator was as frightened of her as everybody else, because it opened right up. ’ Spandau followed him. Aronson purposely took his time about getting to the elevator.

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