Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell

By Siri Mitchell

Within the small Puritan neighborhood of Stoneybrooke, Massachusetts, Susannah Phillips sticks out either for her personality and wonder. She wishes just a uncomplicated lifestyles yet quickly reveals herself pursued via the town's wealthiest bachelor and through a roguish army captain despatched to guard them. One isn't what he turns out and one is greater than he turns out. In attempting to observe precise love's course, Susannah is helped by means of the main not going of allies, a wounded girl who lives invisible and missed of their city. because the intensity, ardour, and sacrifice of affection is published to Susannah, she starts to question the principles and laws of her early life religion. In a group the place grace is unknown, what rate will she pay for embracing love?

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It was then that I realized that my coif had disappeared as well. I gathered up my hairs, spun them around my hand into a bundle and slapped my hat atop them. Then I pushed from the ground, intending to start a search for the coif. As I gained my feet, however, my ankle buckled once more. I cried out in pain as I stumbled. The captain, still on one knee, caught me as I fell. ” I could only protest his falsehood. ” He chortled as he gathered me to his chest and came to his feet. “Nay. ” Had he no shame?

But that did not stop me from watching. Susannah’s sister had joined them and now they were walking down the hill toward their house, all three of them. Four of them. Mary carried the child. That they would cavort so openly. And laugh so freely. Did they not know they tempted God? I knew how quickly laughter could turn to tears. I knew how swiftly madness could follow mirth. Better not to laugh. Better to keep one’s head down, keep one’s hands busy, and keep one’s self in hiding. As much as possible.

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