Making the Prostate Therapy Decision 2nd Edition by Jeff Baggish

By Jeff Baggish

Baggish examines the range of prostate can cer remedies, together with their effectiveness and sid e results. He additionally deals up to date info on tips on how to r ecognise the typical signs of a troublesome prostate. '

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The vas carries sperm the length of the scrotum and into the pelvis, where it widens into the ampulla before emptying into the ejaculatory ducts behind the prostate. We already know the seminal vesicles also empty into the ejaculatory ducts. The ejaculatory ducts, in turn, enter the back of the prostate and open into the urethra just below the prostatic utricle's opening on the verumontanum; the verumontanum itself is flanked by the many openings of the excretory ducts of the prostate. The segment of the urethra contained within the prostate, the prostatic urethra, leads to the urogenital diaphragm, at which point it becomes the membranous urethra, and into the penis, where it is called the penile urethra.

Besides adding volume to semen, prostatic fluid serves another important function. Its alkaline quality helps neutralize the acidity of vaginal fluid during intercourse. Acidity can inhibit the fertilizing ability of sperm, so neutralizing this hostile environment with prostatic fluid increases a sperm's chances of surviving and reaching its destination. Sometimes prostatic fluid that lingers within the glands and ducts can solidify into tiny "beads" called prostatic concretions, or corpora amylacea.

Computerized Tomography (CT scan) 12. DNA Flow Cytometry Page 39 and it is not unusual for two doctors to disagree in interpreting the same tumor. Another problem is that benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can give off many of the same signals as cancer, and physicians often initiate extensive workups only to find out there was a false alarm. In fact, staging prior to surgery frequently is little more than an educated guess, because of the frequent occurrence of microscopic metastases. The ability of staging to predict which cases of apparently localized cancer are destined to reappear after treatment is less than adequate.

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