Mathematical Diversions by James Alston Hope Hunter

By James Alston Hope Hunter

Mathematical diversions

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2). The two incorrect corners are opposite. Rotate the cube, keeping the Up face Up, to put the incorrect corners at FUR and ULB. Apply L to put these at FLU and FUR as in (1). If the FUR-corner wants to be turned counter-clockwise, apply move W; if it wants to be turned clockwise, apply move W'. Apply L' to return the cube to its previous position. That is, apply L[move W or move W']L'. All corners are now completely solved. Go to step II. C. Remaining corners, orientation III L OR 31 STEP I1 EM g a SOLVE THE EDGES All corners are now solved and you have come to the only difficult step:solving the edges.

See pg. 55. 7. (r'uru')R(ur'u'r)R'-F(ur'u'r)F'(r'uru') Switches two centers on the Right face, and two on the Front face. 61 Patterns The fun really begins once you have learned to solve the Supercube and can start playing with patterns. Your understanding of the Basic Moves opens up a vast territory to be explored. The Supercube has 177,628,724,197,557,644,876,978,255,387,965,784, 064,000,000,000 positions. If this is not vast I don't know what is! The moves in Section 8 are also useful for patterns.

Centers, being first, go very quickly. 2. Edges are a little easier than before. You don't have to worry about corners, and except for Basic Move 8 and some slice moves, the moves used before do not affect centers anyway. You need to modify your use of slice moves, and find a replacement for Basic Move 8. 3. Corners are just like on a 3 x 3 x 3 cube with which you are probably familiar. 56 The disadvantages are: 1. You must make sure to solve the centers in the correct arrangement of colors. This is not so much a problem to do as it is cumbersome to describe in words.

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