Medicine Ball Training by Ross Enamait

By Ross Enamait

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At the top of the motion, twist left and then right as show in Steps 3 and 4. Step1 Step 3 Step 2 Conduct this exercise at a brisk pace with a heavy medicine ball. Step 4 Twister (MBE 11) – Assume a crunch position with abs tightly contracted. Twist back and forth, touching the med ball to the floor on each side. Use a brisk pace. Do not secure the feet to increase difficulty. 42 Med Ball Plank (MBE 12) – Assume the upright position of a pushup with hands on the med ball. Hold this position for 2-5 minutes.

His body has become accustomed to this movement. It now takes hundreds of repetitions to generate a reaction. There is a good chance that the individual will no longer improve his abdominal strength, rather he will simply maintain his current level. Do not fall into this habit! Keep the muscles guessing by incorporating variety. This means changing your exercise selection on a regular basis. Hit the muscles from as many angles as possible. Forget about maintaining your current strength. We are in the business of making IMPROVEMENTS!

Be sure to read over the disclaimer before you start melting any rubber basketballs! HOMEMADE MEDICINE BALL + ROPE Whether you call it a tornado ball, a tethered medicine ball, or a medicine ball on a rope, the underlying principle is the same. These contraptions are excellent for explosive, dynamic movements. The only downside is the $100 price tag that accompanies this style of medicine ball. Take my advice and MAKE YOUR OWN! Save your hard earned money! At least give the homemade version a try before you part ways with your cash.

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