Monstrous Compendium: Dragonlance Appendix (Advanced by Rick Swan

By Rick Swan

This quantity of the interesting giant Compendium sequence brings you the original creatures of Krynn: astral dragons, Krynn minotaurs, some of the races and tribes of dwarves and elves, knights of Solamnia, kender, and dozens of alternative creatures and monsters from either Ansalon and the recent continent of Taladas. Ninety-six pages in all, plus 4 full-color dividers with id tabs. The three-ring binder holds those monsters, and has room for the monster sheets from extra great Compendium expansions.

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During the War of the Lance, the Silvanesti fled west and settled on the western shores of Harkun Bay. This is where most Silvanesti remain today. Silvanesti abhor contact with humans or other races; marriages between humans and Silvanesti have occurred, albeit infrequently. Their relationship with the Qualinesti is strained. Long years within a safe, settled empire have stratified the vari– ous crafts and tasks into a rigid system of castes, or Houses. At the top of the system is House Royal, the descendants of Silvanos, the first leader of the early elven clans and from whom the Silvanesti took their name.

Kagonesti have a more animistic view of the cosmos than most other races. To honor their dead, Kagonesti float the bodies in canoes, sending them to the open sea. These beliefs have led outsid– ers to regard the Kagonesti as savages. in fact, their traditions have ancient, sacred roots. Ecology: In spite of the wild elves’ peaceful acceptance of most other races, their animosity toward the Silvanesti and Qualinesti runs deep. During the War of the Lance, the displaced Silvanesti invaded the Kagonesti homelands, eventually subjugating them as slaves.

A vile blue fluid continuously leaks from the eye, soiling its fur. Great leathery eyelids squeeze this fluid out and away from the creature. The stench is unbelievable. It gives off an acidic smell that scorches the sensitive tissues in other creatures’ noses and mouths. Combat: An eyewing has two main forms of attack. The most common form is to use its claws and tail to strike its opponents. It can either swoop down on them, or hover and slash. Its second form of attack is to bomb its enemies with a large eyewing tear that iS squeezed out of the large eyeball by the leathery eyelid.

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