Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - Police Against New World by Police Against the New World Order

By Police Against the New World Order

Released by way of Police opposed to the hot global Order

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Perhaps if you are pro-government control, I guess you're right. However, were our founding fathers radicals against the English government when they were fighting for our freedom? Since we are discussing the right of the people to govern themselves, fellow officers label us "right wing extremists". " This has been said to be the cornerstone of all other rights, yet this right seems to be constantly under attack by politicians who owe allegiance to special interest groups, as in the political correctness issue.

I wish to cmmend and thank both these wonderful young officers for their patriotism and efforts to save our nation. As usual, they are taking a bit of heat, but that is the price of liberty and true leadership today. As my dear friend Col. Bo Gritz says ... " These Officers have since written other articles and are working hard to educate our colleagues in their state. Think of how many of our fellow Officers they will reach, educate and turn back to serving the People of our nation. J. and Mike educate will in turn reach out to touch other Officers and Guardsmen across their state, and other states.

A Lynch Mob is a prime example of a Democracy... " A perfect Democracy! You see, friends and colleagues, the enemies of our Republic, lurking inside our government, have a very big problem. S. socialistic/humanistic government schools and government police academies, are now psychologically prepared to do ANYTHING they are ordered to do regardless, to protect "the system" from the masses. As mentioned earlier, this is always sold to them as "DOING THEIR PATRIOTIC DUTY". This Enemy has for years applied the same program of indoctrination to the Police Officers of other nations, and with great success.

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