Origami by Toyoaki Kawai

By Toyoaki Kawai

A hundred thirty five pages with colour pictures and black and white diagrams instructing dozens of alternative origami initiatives. a part of Hoikusha colour ebook sequence. Translated into English from the japanese via Thomas I. Elliott.

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7. W h a t playing card comes next? V ; • • 9 > n 60 8. W h a t anagram of MOONSTARERS is a group of people who might be described as 'moon starers'? 9. Mentaly transfer the nine pieces into the grid in the appropriate places. W h a t picture appears? C3 A B C • 1 B3 • C2 • 2 B2 • C1 3 • • • B1 • • 10. Fill in a letter to complete a six-letter word reading either clockwise or counterclockwise. W h a t is the word? 11. The average of the ages of the five people in a room is 30. A sixth person joins the room and the average age rises to 32.

FORT HERE CORD 1 4 . SHOWER TEST can be rearranged to m a k e the two words SHORT & SWEET. Rearrange these letters to make a different pair of'this & that'words. KIND OF ROD 15. Think of a word for the first blank, and remove its first its first letter to form the word for the second blank. W h a t are the two words? The of the United States is the most famous of the White House. 62 Answers for Test 9 l. a N >IF! m 2. O P P O N E N T has the same substitution pattern as FOOFARAW. 3. LADY, LADS, c B A A C B B C A A B LASS, MASS, MISS C 5.

Place the eight tiles into the grid so that four sixletter words are formed, two reading across and two reading down. 2. Move one digit to make this equation true: 12 2 = 1 4 4 51 3. Circle one letter in each word below that can be changed to another letter to make a new word. You must use the same replacement letter in each word. The letters you circle form a five-letter word. Use the same replacement letter with this word to make a final five-letter word. What's the final word? AFTER REPAY DAILY GRAIN STING 4.

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