Planning the Play in Notrump by David Bird, Marc Smith

By David Bird, Marc Smith

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You would lose two hearts, one spade, and the two minor-suit stoppers. The only safe way to play the contract is to rise with the spade ace at Trick 1. You then play on clubs, attacking the potential entry to the danger hand. If West persists with spades, you hold up on the second round of the suit. The defenders can pack their bags. It will not damage you for West to clear the spades because the diamond finesse will be into the safe hand. 48 • Planning the Play in Notrump Key points 1. When you are setting up a long suit in a dummy short of entries, it often helps to duck a round or two.

On our final deal on this theme you can combine three different chances. 34 • Planning the Play in Notrump ♠763 ♥Q65 ♦972 ♣ K Q J 10 ♠KJ52 ♥83 ♦AQ4 ♣A863 N W E S ♠A9 ♥AKJ4 ♦K65 ♣9542 ♠ Q 10 8 4 ♥ 10 9 7 2 ♦ J 10 8 3 ♣7 West leads the ♣K against 3NT. You duck the first round and win the second, East throwing a diamond. What now? You could simply finesse both of the major-suit jacks, succeeding when either queen was well-placed. You can do better than this, though. The best move is to play a low spade to the nine.

4. The best play in one suit may lose the lead to a defender who can then put you to a premature guess in another suit. In this situation it may be better to make a less promising play in the first suit, keeping the danger hand off lead and thereby allowing you to combine your chances. 38 • Planning the Play in Notrump QUIZ To Answers A. ♥ 3 led ♠ K J 10 2 ♥ 84 ♦AQJ5 ♣ 10 7 2 N W E S ♠AQ3 A 10 2 ♦8763 ♣AQ4 After bidding of 1NT-2♣, 2♦-3NT, West leads a fourth-best ♥3 and East plays the king. You allow this card to hold and East returns the ♥.

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