Prats and Twats by Marc Blake

By Marc Blake

This is often all concerning the those who imagine the area revolves round them. contains celebritiy maxims, the A-Z of famous person twattage, twat names, megastar prat outfits, soundbites that we are going to by no means listen, the truth exhibits we might actally wish to see, 'You recognize you might have had an excessive amount of paintings performed when...' and plenty extra.

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Pmd 60 01/02/2006, 14:30 My wife. Who put up with my absence/whoring for THREE months. ✭ The producer. Who has my ass in a vice. ✭ My fellow nominees. Losers…losers…LOSERS!!! ✭ The writer. Yeah, right. pmd 63 01/02/2006, 14:30 KEEPING IT REAL: RAP You are no longer a rap artist when… Your Homies drive stretch Golf carts. You have been shot more than once. You advertise bling for Asprey’s. You duet with a white guy. pmd 64 01/02/2006, 14:30 Your last album failed to get a parental advisory sticker.

Not this year. pmd 51 01/02/2006, 14:30 FILM STAR INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND WHAT THEY MEAN What’s the new movie about? Same old shit or are you wearing a wig this time? pmd 52 01/02/2006, 14:30 Did you identify with the character? Let’s see how vain you really are… Do you watch your old movies? You’ve made some right turkeys in the past. This role seems an odd choice for you? Couldn’t you get the lead role? pmd 53 01/02/2006, 14:30 Was it hard preparing for the role? How was the trailer? You’ve worked with this director twice now… Will no one else hire you?

You’ve worked with this director twice now… Will no one else hire you? What’s the movie you’re most proud of? You used to make good films. Remind me…? pmd 54 01/02/2006, 14:30 What was it like working with your co-star? What was it like sleeping with your co-star? How do you feel when you read the press? That salacious rumour is not going away. What’s next in the pipeline? Got any more work or are you off to the theatre? ’ What dress? It’s mostly made from boob. ★ Monkey fur coat. It looked better on the monkey, actually.

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