Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel by Rhiannon Frater

By Rhiannon Frater

Amaliya wakes lower than the wooded area flooring, disoriented, famished and burdened. She digs out of the shallow grave and realizes she is hungry... ... in a brand new, terrible, incredible way... Sating her nice starvation, she discovers that she is now a vampire, the bloodthirsty creature of legend. She has no selection yet to escape from her previous existence and travels throughout Texas. Her new starvation spurs her to depart a wake of loss of life and blood in the back of her as she struggles together with her new nature. all of the whereas, her author is staring at. he's historic, he's strong, and what is worse is that he is a necromancer. He has the ability to strength the useless to do his bidding. Amaliya realizes she is yet a pawn in a twisted video game, and her purely desire for survival is to search out one among her personal variety. but when Amaliya reveals one other vampire, will it suggest her salvation... or her demise?

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Cold tears began to flow down her cheeks. It had always been like this with her family. Tense and coarse. They both had little or no tolerance for each other and lived in an uneasy truce. She believed he loved her, but hated who she was. She had always been different from everyone else in the family. It wasn't just because she was the only girl until her sister Rachel had been born; her entire being just seemed at odds with her family's culture. “Spic blood,” someone had once said to her father.

Stop, please stop,” she sobbed, but he kept pushing at her. He was beyond fear now. He was mad with terror. He pushed at her desperately, trying to pry her off, but her naked body was stronger than his now and she shoved him down. Not even speaking words anymore, his hands scrabbled at the bed as he tried to twist away from her. ” He abruptly stopped grabbing at the mattress and lay still. ” She should have been surprised, but she wasn't when he closed his eyes and his body went limp. Sliding off, she sat trembling next to him.

She wondered if she could see the sun. The heat from its unyielding glare during the day had made the road very warm beneath her feet. She bent down and laid a hand against the ground. Again, tears sprang up, but she fought them back. The sound of a car broke her reverie. She looked up to see headlights approaching. The rumble of the motor spoke of an old sports car. When the ancient Mustang drew up next to her, she let out a sigh of relief. Pete must have been hanging out with Damon and heard the commotion at her Dad's place.

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