Radical pragmatism: an alternative by Robert J. Roth

By Robert J. Roth

Robert Roth, one of the first few Catholics to write down favorably, no matter if significantly, approximately American pragmatism, offers the following an artistic piece of comparative philosophy during which he achieves a long term aim of trying a reconciliation among pragmatism and a classical non secular and spiritual standpoint. The identify, Radical Pragmatism, is an variation of William James's radical empiricism.James had argues that the classical empiricists, Locke and Hume, didn't pass a long way adequate of their account of expertise. They overlooked a few of its most vital elements, particularly connections and family members, and for that reason they have been left with discrete experience facts and feel items.

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As a result, the change that is effected in our lives is lasting and endures through all vicissitudes, internal and external (LW 9:12-13). All references to The Will to Believe are included in the text as WB, with page , number. This aspect of James's philosophy will be discussed in Chapter 4. 41 I believe that recent commentators retrieve a dimension of the consequences which needs to be repeated. "~ He quoted from Reconstruction in Philosophy, in which Dewey advocated that finding the right course of action, the right good, entails inquiry, observation of the situation, and the test of the adopted solution in terms of the consequences (MW 12:173).

As he himself confessed, this did engage his attention early in life, but he later came to see that there was a question beyond all questions that had to be asked and answered, namely: What is the good, or what is the reason beyond all other reasons which gives direction to the whole of one's life? 198). 3). This was a frame of reference, an ideal, which should illuminate the human mind in its search for knowledge of reality and guide the human will in its efforts to achieve the fulfillment of the universe and of the human community.

This raises a further question. Did Dewey's ethical theory end with a notion of value and the moral in the terms that have just been described? Or did he also address the question regarding one's obligation to act in a moral manner? There is ample evidence to say that the latter is true. For him, obligation has as its foundation his overall vision of the growth of the human person through a commitment to the welfare of others. In Human Nature and Conduct, he opposed the position of those who claim that the notion of obligation is founded on "acknowledgment of the supreme authority of Right over all claims of inclination and habit" (MW 14: 223).

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