Reproduct Sys (Your Body) (Your Body: How It Works) by Randolph Krohmer

By Randolph Krohmer

Organisms reproduce to make sure the ongoing survival in their respective species. For people, our skill to provide offspring and give a contribution to genetic variability on the earth is made attainable through our body's reproductive process. In "The Reproductive System", learn the way the improvement of the reproductive structures in either ladies and men relies on the fragile and coordinated stability of genetic make-up, hormones, and the worried approach. additionally tested during this full-color identify are the reproductive structures of women and men, and the way the physique develops from perception via puberty and into adulthood.

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Relaxation of the arterial smooth muscle increases the blood flow to the erectile tissues, resulting in an erection. q 12/20/06 11:16 AM Page 55 Puberty and Beyond: Puberty in the Male involved in reproduction. As Andrew matures, his body will undergo many changes in response to an increase of circulating androgens, reshaping his body to that of an adult. Male secondary sex characteristics include such things as a thickening of the vocal cords which effectively lowers the voice, increases in the thickness of the skin, muscle development, bone size and density, as well as experiencing an increased sex drive or libido.

MIF is responsible for the regression of the Müllerian duct system. In the absence of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and even estrogen from the female’s ovary, the reproductive system will follow the female pattern of development. q 12/20/06 11:12 AM Page 35 Development of the Reproductive System Wolffian duct system, unsupported by testosterone, will regress. In contrast, the Müllerian duct system in the absence of MIF will develop into the fallopian tubes and uterus. q 12/20/06 11:14 AM Page 36 4 Developmental Differences in Brain and Behavior You have discovered that the presence or absence of specific hormones during sensitive periods in the developmental process is extremely important for the normal development of the male or female reproductive system.

In particular, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is dramatically different between men and women. This is important because more people in the United States die from cardiovascular disease than from all other causes of death combined. However, men are four times more likely to suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease than women and are 40 times more likely to suffer a heart attack. Scientists believe the above facts suggest that something protects women from cardiovascular problems.

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