Rethinking Quaternions: Theory and Computation by Ron Goldman, Brian Barsky

By Ron Goldman, Brian Barsky

Quaternion multiplication can be utilized to rotate vectors in three-dimensions. for this reason, in special effects, quaternions have 3 central functions: to extend pace and decrease garage for calculations regarding rotations, to prevent distortions coming up from numerical inaccuracies brought on by floating element computations with rotations, and to interpolate among rotations for key body animation. but whereas the formal algebra of quaternions is famous within the photographs neighborhood, the derivations of the formulation for this algebra and the geometric ideas underlying this algebra aren't good understood. The targets of this monograph are to supply a clean, geometric interpretation for quaternions, applicable for modern special effects, according to mass-points; to offer greater how you can visualize quaternions, and the impact of quaternion multiplication on issues and vectors in 3 dimensions utilizing insights from the algebra and geometry of multiplication within the complicated aircraft; to derive the formulation for quaternion multiplication from first rules; to improve uncomplicated, intuitive proofs of the sandwiching formulation for rotation and mirrored image; to teach tips on how to observe sandwiching to compute point of view projections. desk of Contents: Preface / idea / Computation / Rethinking Quaternions and Clif ford Algebras / References / extra studying / writer Biography

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Consider first the plane perpendicular to O, N. 5. 5: The plane of vectors perpendicular to O, N in four dimensions is the plane of vectors in three dimensions perpendicular to N. This plane is spanned by the vectors v and N × v, where v is any nonzero vector in three dimensions perpendicular to N. 24 Rethinking Quaternions: Theory and Computation N αO + β N αO + β N • O • O+ β N α N O (a) a plane of vectors in 4-dimensions (b) a line of points in 3-dimensions. 6: (a) The plane of vectors (mass-points) in four dimensions spanned by O, N is equivalent to (b) the line of affine points in three dimensions passing through the point O in the direction of the vector N.

4: Simple Rotation in 4-Dimensions. The effects of sandwiching a quaternion between q(N, q ) and q*(N, q ) in the plane of O, N and in the complementary plane perpendicular to O, N. In (a) the plane of O, N, the rotation induced by multiplying with q(N, q ) on the left is canceled by the rotation induced by multiplying with its conjugate q*(N, q ) on the right, whereas in (b) the plane of vectors perpendicular to the plane of O, N, the rotation induced by multiplying with q(N, q ) on the left is reinforced by the rotation induced by multiplying with its conjugate q*(N, q ) on the right.

Finally for the complex numbers, we also define multiplication by natural numbers using repeated addition: mw = w +����� �+ w ���� �� m times . Moreover, by definition i 2 = −1. If we require that complex multiplication must also distribute through addition, then as we have seen in Chapter 1, we arrive at the following general rule for the product of two complex numbers: (a + bi)(c + di) = a(c + di) + bi(c + di) = (ac−bd ) + (ad + bc)i. Now it is straightforward to check that with this rule complex multiplication is indeed associative, commutative, and distributes through addition.

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