Roman Prayer Language Livy and the Aneid of Vergil by Frances V. Hickson (auth.)

By Frances V. Hickson (auth.)

"... Das Buch stellt [daher] ein nützliches Hilfsmittel dar für alle, die sich mit der religiösen Sprache dieser beiden zentralen Autoren der augusteischen Epoche beschäftigen wollen. Zu seiner guten Benutzbarkeit tragen auch die Appendices bei, ..." P. Schenk. Gnomon, München

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1; Naev. BPunie 17; Acc. trag. 52, 127, 164-168,240-242, praet. 5-6, 15,36; Enn. seen. 209,284-286, 333, inc:. 1. By the term "colloquial" I indicate that the language was part of everyday usage by the average Roman citizen and not restricted to a particular group of persons such as priests or magistrates, or to particular activities such as religious rituals. 17 Prayers: y3 52-53, 54, 104, 107-108, 110-114, 117,208-210, 620=Skutsch 5859, 26, 99, 102-103, 105-109, 100, 191-193, 619; curse: 360-361.

L15. entio, uti nos viclores facias (Cato Orig. apud Macrob. Sat. 10). Ennian Influence on Prayers in the Aeneid 27 Annales. Both authors make frequent use of prayers, some of which share similar contexts and wording. Because of these similarities and the frequency of prayers in other poetic sources, Livy's prayers lend a poetical tone to the history. Ennian Influence on Prayers in the Aeneid Ennius had a great influence on Vergil 28 as well as on Livy. Comparison of the two epic poems shows that Vergil adopted words, phrases, and even whole lines from his Roman predecessor although he always rearranged the order or changed at least one word.

2, 155. 24 I: The Predecessors ofUvy and Vergil (Liv. 9),19 there are many other passages where an Ennian influence is evident, although not credited by Uvy. Among the seven preserved Ennian prayers, that which bears the most striking similarity to one in Uvy is an invocation of the Tiber River: teque pater Tiberine tuo cum jlumine sancto (Ann. 54). This may have influenced the prayer Uvy assigns to Horatius Cocles: Tiberine pater, . . ll=App. 11). Notice the repetitions of te, pater, Tiberine, jlumine and sanctelo.

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