Science Fiction Puzzle Tales by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

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Some authors say Bacon invented the cipher so he could write notes on his scientific discoveries and keep them secret. In the form Bacon suggested, the cipher is intended for let­ terpress printing. The printer must use two slightly different type faces, but not so different as to be noticeable to the casual reader. Today, the Baconian cipher uses any two components. This will be explained in a moment. First, note the table below. A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I-J: K: L: M: AAAAA AAAAB AAABA AAABB AABAA AABAB AABBA AABBB ABAAA ABAAB ABABA ABABB N: 0: P: Q: R: S: T: U-V: W: X: Y: Z: ABBAA ABBAB ABBBA ABBBB BAAAA BAAAB BAABA BAABB BABAA BABAB BABBA BABBB Note that each A/B grouping of five letters is different.

Notify our trainees. 2. ) CUCKOO GAMBLE PEANUT SPOKEN DECODE 3. ) pudding mix, any kind fryer, 4-5 lbs. tuna fish spaghetti ham chili powder dates cherry pie cabbage margarine raisins haddock Baggies bread (rye or whole wheat) ketchup flour Sanka coffee (drip) juice, orange or grapefruit sugar, 5 lbs. kohlrabi if the store has it lettuce 4. Reverse English? (Johnny’s dad, who is teaching him cryptology, rearranged the words in Johnny’s French lesson as follows:) Null Ciphers 55 aigle conversation printemps dehors entendre tuyau parler premier ouvert pied voyager ferme vite casuel vert oreille acheter apporter chien secret quelque savant sale profond liste violon citron 5.

P T U K A K D K N A RA NU "QBNALT": T G B R A Q K J Y T R J Q N O B D K N A Q T A Q K D K F T Z N P E Y T DN P K U U T O T A D K R Y Z N Y T S E Y R O D T A Q K N A Q . (Clues: Compare NU and DN. ) 7. Strike Out on Your Own M L G R X V B L F M T GL S Z W H V G GL S L D N Z M L U G V M D S L G S V X L N V G S V O V U G S L N V D L I O W LM U R I V Y Z X P GL T V G Harder Cryptograms N L I V 35 N Z G X S V H ? (Clues: Note SLD and DSL. ) 8. Gone With the Wind K Z D F L V Y E A T O X S K D F S K D L V Y Q G W , K Z D B L I Y Q G F G X Z B P V L L S G T Q F .

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