Second Skin by Eric Lustbader

By Eric Lustbader

The ultimate half within the newest trilogy of novels during which Nicholas Linnear faces the Sicilian-American Mafia and the japanese Yakuza in a struggle to the demise. pcs, intercourse, enterprise, mysticism, martial arts, and explosive motion scenes are all portrayed right here.

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There will be a power vacuum. " Okami was nodding. "My thoughts precisely. m. " Nicholas thanked him, then disconnected from the Net. He left his office, heading through the reception area, toward the private chairman's elevator that would whisk him at high speed down to mezzanine level. He glanced at his watch. No time now to stop at R&D on the way down. Maybe he could break away during dinner so he could check on the CyberNet data transfer. As he fitted his key into the slot in the scrolled-bronze elevator door, he again heard Okami's voice as the Kaisho had told him the real reason he had called in Nicholas's debt of honor: When you came to me last year and I saw how full of hate you were for the Yakuza, I could find no way to tell you the truth about your father.

Morons," he said, but he was looking straight at the oncoming Mercedes, which, having cleared the cars ahead of it, now put on a last furious burst of speed. Mick shouted something incoherent and Giai turned, her eyes opened wide, just as the front fender of the Mercedes plowed into her. with such force that when she landed her back broke. But by then she was drowning in her own blood. The Mercedes had already taken off as people on line for the clubs came out of their shock and started to scream.

He could not imagine Nangi acting in such a cold and irrational manner. What was happening to his friend? These abruptly ended communications were fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. He knew Nangi was under extreme pressure in putting the CyberNet on-line, and at seventy-six he was no longer young. But Nicholas suspected these conversations could not merely be explained away by Nangi's age. Had the heart attack somehow changed his personality? Nicholas resolved to see him in person when tonight's dog and pony show was oven As he checked his tuxedo, he took one last moment to evaluate his recent decision to join Mikio Okami, the Kaisho.

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