Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences: 6th by Jacques Locat, Serge Leroueil, Ariane Locat, Homa Lee

By Jacques Locat, Serge Leroueil, Ariane Locat, Homa Lee (auth.), Sebastian Krastel, Jan-Hinrich Behrmann, David Völker, Michael Stipp, Christian Berndt, Roger Urgeles, Jason Chaytor, Katrin Huhn, Michael Strasser, Carl Bonnevie Harbitz (eds.)

Submarine mass activities are a hidden geohazard with huge damaging capability for submarine installations and coastal parts. This chance and linked danger is becoming in percentage with expanding inhabitants of coastal city agglomerations, business infrastructure, and coastal tourism. additionally, the intensified use of the seafloor for normal source creation, and deep sea cables constitutes an expanding danger. Submarine slides may well regulate the beach and undergo a excessive tsunamogenic power. there's a power hyperlink of submarine mass losing with weather switch, as submarine landslides can discover and free up huge quantities greenhouse gases, in most cases methane, which are now kept in marine sediments.
The components that govern the soundness of submarine slopes opposed to failure, the procedures that bring about slope collapses and the cave in methods through themselves must be greater understood with the intention to foresee and get ready society for most likely harmful occasions. This e-book quantity comprises a suite of leading edge clinical learn by means of foreign specialists within the box, masking geological, geophysical, engineering and environmental facets of submarine slope disasters. the point of interest is on realizing the entire spectrum of demanding situations offered via this significant coastal and offshore geohazard.

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2 Geological Setting Along the Nankai Trough (Fig. g. Moore et al. 2009). The SW-NE striking accretionary prism mainly consists Fig. 1 (a) Interpreted seismic line with inlet showing the geological setting of the Nankai Trough. (b) Close-up of seismic line across Site C0004; greendashed line indicates unconformity (Modified after Moore et al. 2009; Strasser et al. 2011) 3 Elemental Distribution and Microfabric Characterization. . E. Amsler et al. of off-scraped and underplated strata from the incoming trench fill and the Shikoku Basin.

Seventeenth century there are 8 M 7 and 4 M 8 earthquakes known from the region (Tajima et al. 0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake. The 2011 Tohoku-Oki megathrust earthquake was larger than anticipated for this region and numerous studies analysing seismic, geodetic and tsunami data of the Tohoku-Oki event revealed that propagating rupture at the plate’s interface has reached the trench floor (see review by Tajima et al. 2013). The coseismic slip resulted in the horizontal displacement of the overriding plate of 50 m to SE and in a vertical uplift of 10 m (Fujiwara et al.

However these methods are first approximations and might be argued as rather speculative (Jefferies and Shuttle 2011). Shuttle and Cunning (2007) and LeBlanc and Randolph (2008) developed a more advanced approach for partially drained soils. DeJong et al. (2012) suggest modifying the penetration rate of the CPT to obtain fully drained or fully undrained soil behaviour. But these methods need further development and validation (Jefferies and Shuttle 2011; DeJong et al. 2012). 4 present typical values of the normalized cone tip resistance Qt , (D (qt ¢ v0 )/¢ 0 v0 ), normalized shear wave velocity Vs1 , normalized pore pressure parameter Bq , Been and Jefferies (1992) soil behaviour index Ic , which include the pore pressure parameter Bq , state parameter § and relative density Re of the four investigated sites respectively.

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