Sure-Fire Forex Trading by M.McRae.

By M.McRae.

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If you where trading 5 - minute bars you might have watched it rise most of the day and made money only to see it close much lower later in the day. It can be a good idea to trade longer time periods when you first start, as 5 - minute bars can often make new traders feel rushed when making decisions. Also worth noting is that there is no one time period that makes more money than another. The reason you would trade a weekly bar as opposed to a 5-minute is purely a matter of choice and circumstance.

You will begin to come across some technical expressions now but just bear with me and I will explain them to you later. Dow’s interpretation of a trend was that each rally high be higher than the previous rally high and each rally low be lower than the previous rally low. The three trends where - a primary trend, a secondary trend and minor trends. Now this is important because later on as we discuss this, it will play a major role in our analysis. Sure-Fire Forex Trading 30 Sure-Fire Forex Trading © The primary trend is the main force behind the trend and is like a river flowing in a particular direction.

2. 2% and 50% retracement are to close together to effectively place a stop. In an uptrend, measure the distance between point A and point B and in a downtrend measure the distance between point A and point B. Where point A is always the lowest recent point in an uptrend and the highest recent point in a downtrend. Look at the chart below of the EUR/USD. 1543. 0170 pips. 8%). Sure-Fire Forex Trading 56 Sure-Fire Forex Trading © Also on the EUR/USD look at the chart below taking a measurement in the opposite direction.

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