Symptomatology and Therapy of Toxicological Emergencies by William Deichmann

By William Deichmann

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Severe exposure might cause unconsciousness, convulsions, and death. Effects are due to liberation of cyanide ion, but the onset and development of symptoms is much slower by comparison with exposure to inorganic cyanide. See Table XXXIX, page 487 (Acute Toxicity of Nitrites). 44 Treatment: For inhalation—remove from contaminated atmosphere. If breathing has stopped give artificial respiration and oxygen. If necessary use nitrite-thiosulfate regimen for cyanide. See Cyanides, No. 271. In case of ingestion, iduce vomiting; follow with saline cathartic.

In case of ingestion, iduce vomiting; follow with saline cathartic. For skin or eye contact wash affected area profusely with water. Acyl Chlorides—See Acid Chlorides, No. 14. 25. ADHESIVE TAPE (Scotch® Tape; Surgical Tape) Some sensitive individuals develop eczematous reactions following application of adhesive tape or Scotch tape. Severe skin reactions were elicited from contact with diamyl hydroquinone, an antioxidant used in both types of tape. The development of sensitization is enhanced by the frequent repeated stripping and reapplication of adhesive tape.

715. Alkyl Phosphates—See Organic Phosphates, No. 678. 43. ALKYL SODIUM ISOTHIONATES These are anionic surfactants having a moderate degree of toxicity. They are used in detergent formulations. See Alkyl Sodium Sulfates, No. 44. 44. ALKYL SODIUM SULFATES (Sodium Alkyl Sulfates) These compounds are extensively used as detergents. Chemically, they are sodium salts of the sulfate esters of high-molecular weight alcohols (anionic detergents). In general, these compounds have a moderate order of toxicity.

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