Teach Yourself Latvian Complete Course by Tereza Svilane

By Tereza Svilane

You'll Love studying Latvian the quick and simple means with educate Yourself

Whether you’re a tourist, scholar, or businessperson, you’ll locate it effortless to select up Latvian, a language spoken by means of thousands of individuals on a daily basis. Teach your self Latvian includes:

  • Extensive workouts so that you can evaluate what you've realized
  • an summary of the Latvian tradition, so that you know the way the language is utilized in context

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Ne, faktiski mes parasti dzivojam Anglija, Londona. 0,jus dzivojat Anglija. Londona ir liela pilseta. Kada ir jusu adrese? Seit Latvija? Kaleju iela 5,dzivoklis 4. Kads ir jGsu telefona numurs? Mans telefona numurs ir 2976 8731. Jusu pasi, ludzu. Ludzu. Pase ir joti veca. Mja, fotografija ari ... Nu, labi. Te ir pildspalva. Parakstiet §eit, ludzu! sakiet (saclt/teikt) kads vards Ka jus sauc? (saukt) Ka to raksta? ) what name What are you called? How does one write that? ) Transcript Receptionist David Receptionist David Receptionist Tell me, please, what is your name?

Yes, exactly (literally: just so). But then why are you living in Riga? Because my husband David is working at the Bank of Latvia. Language points Someone once said that ‘the richness of the Latvian language is in the verbs'. There are many of them and it is worth spending a bit of time learning them by rote, especially the irregular ones. Regular verbs behave in a constant and predictable way. Irregular verbs don't conform to expected patterns. ) For conveni ence,we have arranged the regular verbs into three 'families'.

We therefore can say that these possessive pronouns are always in agreement with the noun in gender, number and case. mans vards mana soma my name my bag mani dokumenti my documents manas atslegas my keys This is not always obvious. mans alus my beer mana adrese my address mans pui ksteni s my watch manas bi kses my trousers Hence mans and tavs change together with the noun, but they are the only ones to do so. This does not apply to the other possessive pronouns 一 musu, jusu, vina, vi nas and vinu 一 which resolutely i gnore the noun and stay as they are.

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