The Best of Intentions: Standard Module Im3 (Dungeons and by Ken Rolston

By Ken Rolston

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Using both sets of arms at once requires particularly intent concentration; in these circumstances, it is very dificult to interrupt him or catch his attention. Mazikeen’s head is misshapen by the added processing capacity necessary for the secondary arms and senses. His back, spine, and base of the neck are distorted by the extra muscle, bone support, and nervous system enhancements required by the extra limbs and senses. All in all, he is not a pretty sight. Encountering the Avatars The first avatar encountered by the PCs will be the greatest challenge.

5 LOPADOTEMACHOSELACHO- GALEOKRANIOLEIPSANODRIMYPOTRIMMATOSILPHIO PARAOMELITOKATAKECHYMENOKICHLEPIKO SSYPHOPHATTOPERISTERALEKTRYONOP TEKEP- HALLIOKIGKLOPELEIOLAGOIOSIRAIOBAPHETRAGANOPPTERYGON (#l): (Blue) The primary destination on this plane is a vast ocean of air where giant bacteria float around gobbling up other giant bacteria and discussing the mysteries of the universe. Having little else to occupy their time, they developed a marvelously unintelligible philosophy and a language equally complex and abstract with which to discuss that philosophy.

If the PCs accept Utnapishtim’s offer to assign them an advisor, he sends them a subordinate who is extremely annoyed at having important work interrupted. Buglore is a Level 2 Temporal of Matter with a nasty sense of humor, and not thrilled by the prospect of wet-nursing- a bunch of whining rookies. He floats around, gets in the way, makes sarcastic comments, and generally makes Immortal existence a mixed blessing. Whenever the PCr ask him for information or advice, make an Intelligence or Wisdom check for an Immortal with 15-point ability scores.

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