The Burning Shore (Courtney Family, Book 4) by Wilbur A. Smith

By Wilbur A. Smith

Centaine de Thiry grew up with privilege, wealth, and freedom on a sprawling French property. Then warfare got here crashing down round her, and a bold younger South African aviator named Michael Courtney stole her center amidst the destruction. however the tides of destiny and conflict despatched the younger lady on a trip throughout a deadly sea to the coast of Africa.

When Centaine's send is torpedoed and sunk, she is plunged right into a shark-filled sea miles from the unseen shore. And whilst she reaches land, Centaine places foot now not within the lush global that Michael Courtney defined to her, yet at the fringe of a burning desert—alone and combating for her life.

In an odd global, below an excellent dashing sky, Centaine units forth within the corporation of wandering Bushmen—and then into the fingers of a renegade white soldier who might be her savior or destruction. As Michael Courtney's kin searches for Centaine, she comes close to her promised land—and the untold tragedy and riches that it holds...

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