The Current of War by Liddell Hart, Basil

By Liddell Hart, Basil

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The conflict is played out in the Upper Huallaga Valley. The military's interest is in driving a wedge between the insurgents and the coca-growing peasants whom the guerrillas claim to protect; military forces therefore are reluctant to alienate the growers and have generally permitted them to grow coca unimpeded. The police, on the other hand, seek to disrupt both growing 72 WARRIORS IN PEACETIME and trafficking activities.

Brazilian Adm. Ferreira Vidigal used this expression in various seminars conducted on the subject in the region. We refer t? the lack of interest for the profession, and for the protection of personnel under their command, which makes the military lose cohesion and quality as an ins~rument that can utilise the threat of and use of force efficiently. This concept was expressed orally by Richard Millett in a seminar held at Washington DC in 1992. See Alfred Stepan, Rethinking Military Politics: Brazil and the Southern Cone (Princeton, ~J: Princeton University Press, 1988).

Peruvian politicians, according to a 1989 DEA internal review, have made the statement that Peru can live with the narcotics problem for the next fifty years, but may not survive the next two years if the economic and insurgent problems are not dealt with now .... The will to deal with the drug issue, when faced with problems that threaten the immediate survival of the country, remains the most difficult issue. 30 The question of political will is more complex but equally at issue in Colombia: the government's priority is not ending drug trafficking per se, but ending the violence associated with the drug trade.

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