The Dark Side of Sports: Exposing the Sexual Culture of by Nick T. Pappas

By Nick T. Pappas

Pappas' athletic heritage in collegiate activities has supplied insider entry, permitting him to discover an array of anxious sexually deviant and competitive behaviors that have silently thrived for many years in lots of athlete cultures. He highlights the necessity for hazard administration in each male athletic tradition, and the jobs of athletes, coaches, managers, directors, and help employees in addressing Read more...

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In the end, athletes themselves always have the final say regarding the type of behaviors that are deemed acceptable from those that are not within the various teams. Unfortunately, sexually deviant practices lacking censorship can create upsetting and harmful circumstances as well as major problems for both athletes and those who are victimized. PLAYING WITH BODILY DISCHARGES Not all of athletes’ bizarre behaviors involved their genitalia or masturbation urges because some participants recalled outrageous antics involving bodily discharges of flatulence, urination, and excrement.

12 And yet, there are other more subtle ways that pornography impacts its users. 13 While such findings show the use of pornography is not benign as many males would like to believe, its negative influence expands beyond this to include depreciating attitudes and behaviors toward females and relationships which also can be very pronounced. 14 Certain athletes in this study including a collegiate hockey player supported such notions and elaborated in this way: …I guess in pornos you see those types of behaviors where you see guys, I guess you could say disrespecting women, and I think some people may argue with that, but I would say a porno is definitely that, you know, treating women as sexual objects, kind a just moving onto other women, things like that.

The above participants noted collegiate athletes, including themselves, used pornography anywhere from 3-7 days per week because magazine subscriptions, videos/DVDs, and computers made pornography readily available particularly when players pooled their resources to purchase materials. 10 Technological advances in combination with soaring profits suggest there is no reason to believe the cyber-porn trend will reverse itself anytime soon despite the potential for negative repercussions. EXAMINING PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES’ PORNOGRAPHY USE Intuitively, there are two opposing schools of thought when speculating about professional athletes’ use of pornography.

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