The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks, Book 8) by Jennifer Rardin

By Jennifer Rardin

I've got offerings. Carve Brude's identify into Hell's bile-encrusted gates. Or lose my soul.

After an assassination try out on Vayl, i locate myself pulled right into a tangled net that takes the group to Romania. So how will I retailer a ghost, rescue a demon, and cheat the nice Taker out of a soul he's slavering for whereas defeating my nastiest foe but in order that Vayl can, eventually, cherish a number of worthwhile years together with his sons? With cautious making plans, significant violence, and one (hopefully) ultimate journey to Hell.

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In an unprecedented show of support, Sanford had decided to take my suggestion seriously. ‘The security door at Casimir’s had a pane of glass missing. ’ He stroked his moustache as he considered our predicament. ‘Nina’s house isn’t like that,’ he admitted. ‘There are bars on the downstairs windows, and Estelle would be watching the doors. ’ Everyone stared at him, astonished. Over the years, Sanford has always been very emphatic about our need to avoid contact with the police. His thinking is that, while the authorities are duty-bound to protect us, they can’t do it for every minute of every day – not against the host of weirdos who are bound to make us their number one target as soon as we’re publicly identified.

We hadn’t gathered to discuss Dave’s issues with his father, or Casimir’s issues with the rest of the world, or my issues with having to attend group meetings in the first place. So the customary atmosphere of boredom, fatigue and resignation had evaporated; the air buzzed with tension, and I remember clearly how confused we were. I remember how, as the shock wore off, most of us couldn’t keep still. Bridget wrung her hands. Dave clawed at his hair, and Sanford paced the floor. I was chewing my fingernails, the way I always do when I’m on edge.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering how an ex-barmaid managed to afford a big old terrace house in Surry Hills, don’t forget that Surry Hills used to be a real dump thirty years ago. Besides which, until I was infected, my mother used to help pay the bills by taking in boarders. At one time we had three other people living with us: two country girls and a very shy Pakistani student. Ordinary boarders are one thing, though; vampires are another. Reformed or not, they’re still vampires. I couldn’t blame Mum for being cross.

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