The Element of Fire by Martha Wells

By Martha Wells

Medical magic and fairy magic collide headlong within the threatened country of Ile-Rien, the place the Captain of the Queen's protect fights a dangerous conflict status among opposing forces looking to topping the kingdom's younger king. Reprint.

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He also wanted to find Dr. Dubell, and caught up with him. as the sorcerer was leaving the gallery. They stood in one of the gracefully arched doorways at the opposite end of the room, just far enough away from the milling groups of guests to be able to hear each other. "You may have made an enemy," Thomas told him. " Dubell looked back toward the dais, frowning a little. Thomas leaned back against the curve of the archway and regarded him thoughtfully. " "Well, he asked me what I taught at Lodun besides sorcery, and I told him it was debate and logic, and we spoke a bit about how orators use it.

Thomas glanced around and spotted one of his men. " The Arlequin paced around on the creaking wood of the stage, snarling at them. As Thomas looked back he saw that the actress who had been struck down in the first attack was on her hands and knees and trying to crawl toward the edge of the stage. Before he could move to distract the Arlequin, it whirled and saw her. She screamed and the Arlequin grabbed up a section of one of the painted columns and hurled it at her. Suddenly Columbine was on the stage and shoving the other woman out of the way.

Tell him we're under attack. " This settled the Cisternan's hesitation at taking orders from another officer. He surrendered the pike and slipped back out of the archway. " The Cisternan Commander Vivan was coming over from his post. Thomas said curtly, "The actor playing the Arlequin is in the process of transforming into something. " Vivan looked toward the stage, startled, then headed toward the next Cisternan guardpost at a run. Thomas took the pike and started toward the Arlequin, ignoring the curious stares.

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