The enjoyment of mathematics by Rademacher and Toeplitz

By Rademacher and Toeplitz

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Skills Now that you have a Primary Skill Area, you need to specify which skills your character has. Starting characters begin play with two skills, each at first level. One of these skills must come from your selected PSA, but the second one can any skill at all. 6 Equipment To equip your character, you’ll need money. Wealth in the Frontier is measured in Credits, or Cr. Starting characters receive 250Cr plus a roll of d100. Refer to the equipment area of this section for complete equipment lists.

If a chronocom or subspace radio is available, charges can be set to explode when a particular signal is beamed at them. The chance to explode a charge with a radio beam is 10% less than normal. 42 Martial Arts Success Rate: 1/2 DEX or 1/2 STR + skill level Martial Arts skill makes a character a better fighter in melee. A character with Martial Arts skill can add 10% per level to his basic chance to hit with his bare hands in melee. The skill also increases the damage caused by a successful bare-hands attack, adding one point of damage per level.

The following table lists the types of alarms and traps and their levels. This same table is used with the Open Lock and Deactivate Alarm/ Defense subskills. ) reduce the chance to succeed if the lock is on a safe or security vault. Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 DEACTIVATING ALARMS/DEFENSES Success Rate: 40% + skill level - alarm level Environmental Skill deals with relationships between intelligent life and nature. An environmental specialist has training in astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology and geology.

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