The fraud of feminism by E. Belfort Bax

By E. Belfort Bax

The Fraud of Feminism

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Apart from conclusive proof, the fact of the all periods of civilisation, and even existence in under the higher barbarism, of exceptionally gifted men, and never of a correspondingly gifted woman, does undoubtedly afford an indication of inferiority of the average woman as regards the average man. From the height of the mountain peaks we may, other things undoubtedly equal, existence of a tableland beneath tract of country whence they conclude them arise. I in the the same have already, in the present chapter, besides elsewhere, referred to the fallacy that intellectual or other fundamental inferiority in woman existing at the present day is traceable to any alleged repression in the past, since (Weissmann and his denial of transmission of ac- quired characteristics apart), assuming for the sake of the argument such repression to have really attained the extent alleged, and its effects to have been transmitted to future generations, it is against all the laws of heredity that such transmission should have taken place through as is the female contended by the advocates of Referring to this point, Herbert expressed the conviction of most on the subject when line alone, this theory.

In all these matters we argument have to deal with averages. Public opinion has hitherto recognised the average of women as being intellectually below the voting standard, and the average man as not. This, if admitted, is enough to establish the anti-suffrage thesis. The latter is not affected by the fact that men of it is inferior possible to find certain individual than certain and therefore less form a political judgment intelligence intrinsically qualified to specially gifted women. The pre- tended absurdity of " George Eliot having no vote, and of her gardener having one" is really no absurdity at all.

Logically, as we shall have occasion to insist upon later on, the principles professedly at the root Feminism are Political in of contradiction flagrant with any that can justify Sentimental Feminism. Now both the orders of Feminism referred to have been active for more than a generation past in fomenting a crusade against the male sex —an Anti-Man Crusade. Their efforts have been largely successful owing to a fact to which attention has, perhaps, not enough been called. In the case of other classes, or bodies of persons, having community of interests , this common interest invariably interprets itself in a sense of class, caste, or race solidarity.

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