The Girlfriend Curse by Valerie Frankel

By Valerie Frankel

It really is uncanny! inside six months of breaking apart along with her, Peg Silver's ex-lovers continuously meet and marry the ladies in their goals. Even worse than being the everlasting bridesmaid, she's the final female friend, the person who awakens in a man theknowledge of what he is constantly sought after in a dating ... and it truly is by no means with Peg. evidently, a huge way of life switch is heavily referred to as for, that is why the distraught inside panorama dressmaker says goodbye to new york and late-night lattes with buddy Nina, and hi to a farmhouse on ten acres in tiny, backwater Manshire, Vermont, hoping to fulfill the final word, all-organic state guy (without an excessive amount of facial hair) to maintain her hot in these frosty New England winters. as a substitute, Peg unearths herself at Inward certain -- a proactive adult-education retreat for the hapless and hopelessly lovelorn -- to attempt to raise her dreaded "girlfriend curse." A steamy (and expressly forbidden) dalliance with attractive woman-eater Ray most likely is not going to aid medication her. yet a few romantic perception may well come up from her appeal to Linus, Inward Bound's attractive, scruffy, shrewdpermanent and still-single founder. might be there's a mystery to be unearthed within the crunchy eco-friendly Mountains, person who will magically remodel Peg Silver from the Perpetual additionally Ran to the large Winner in love.

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Asked Nina. Every inch a publicist, Nina jump-started her cell phone like a chain saw. " Chapter 3 "Peg, you haven't changed a bit," said Violet Masterson, sixty-seven, Nina's assistant at Goldenface Cosmetics. "I saw you last Wednesday," said Peg, leaning a hip on Violet's desk, eyeing the closed door of Nina's office. It was Tuesday evening. Peg had just finished work, and come directly to Nina's Union Square office, as she'd been instructed. "You need to trim those bangs, dear," said Violet.

You were saying how you broke up with me for my own good," she prompted. "How, at the time, marriage was repellent" "Right," he said, pausing to drain his glass. "Marriage was repellent then. But now, the idea of sharing a life, making a legal partnership, having children, teaching them values and growing together as a family seems like a grand idea. Otherwise, what are we doing? Killing time? Making money? For what? What's it all about, Peg? I'm not asking you to answer that. But I've been asking myself about this stuff from the moment we broke up.

Apple branches had to die for this? Squawk . "They must think money grows on trees," said Rica, a woman who wasted nothing, not a bud, nor a blade of grass. " Peg didn't feel lucky. She felt alien. Glanced around at the people in the lobby at Conde Nastat the perfectly turned-out, immaculately groomed staffers from Vogue and GQ they could have been from another planet, where Botox was the food of life. All of the gleaming human hangers had demanding bosses, stretch mortgages, weekend functions, gym memberships, offices to report to every morning.

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