The Practical Alchemist: Showing the Way an Ordinary by Christopher Manson

By Christopher Manson

Henry Holt Softcover with ninety nine pages. A tough new puzzle from the writer of Maze. The problem to you, as a literary Alchemist, is to effectively forge a sequence of forty-five variations that modify the observe CAT into the observe GOLD. There are any variety of word-chains illustrated herein, yet there's just one chain that permits you to flip your CAT into GOLD with out repeating a note.

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On the turn or river, anytime he shows his cards after he checks, he missed. Good hand — forgets to read the board Some loose players, especially the passive/loose who has a great hand or gets wrapped up in his good hand, tend to forget to read the board, or ignore the board, failing to see they are beat. Two or three suited on flop Loose players will look at their cards to see if they have one or two of the suited flop card. On a three flush after a loose player has looked at his cards and bets, he likely has a flush or a high flush card.

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