The Sacrifice (Animorphs, Book 52) by K. A. Applegate

By K. A. Applegate

The conflict among the Yeerks and the Animorphs continues to be raging. There are not any extra secrets and techniques - yet there are many lies. the youngsters are struggling with tougher than they ever suggestion they can. And they’re approximately to make the most important determination they’ve ever needed to face. a call that could finally holiday them all.     

Ax and the Animorphs have recognized that the last word destruction of the Yeerk pool will provide them a major probability to take again Earth. And they've found out the way to do it. yet there’s no option to damage the pool with no destroying everybody else which may be there. And there’s not more time to consider it. There’s merely convinced or no. . . .

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Alloran looked very seriously at Arbron and me. In my daydreams as a young aristh I had imagined a moment like this. I had imagined a time coming when I would be called upon to be brave and to save my people. And in my imagination I had al63 ways faced this kind of moment with pride and without fear. And now, suddenly, my daydream was reality. And all I felt was sick dread. The Taxxon world! It was a place from a nightmare.

And even though I still had the translator chip in my head, it could not interface with my Taxxon brain. What could I do? The sub-visser laughed. "So. You want to resist me? Good. I need the entertainment. It's rather dull, being in charge of security for this sector. I suppose you're one of the rebels. One of those mountain Taxxons who refuse to join the Empire. " Mountain Taxxons? Rebels? I was so surprised I temporarily forgot to be terrified. There were still Taxxons resisting the Yeerks? This would be huge news to my people.

They are tubular, like a monstrously thick, ten-foot-long hose. They have rows of needle-sharp, cone-shaped legs. The upper third of their body is held upright, and there the rows of legs become smaller and form tiny two- and three-fingered hands. There is a row of dark red eyes, each like congealed liquid. At the very top is the mouth, a round, red-rimmed hole circled with vicious rows of teeth. There were half a dozen of these creatures practically encircling us. For a frozen moment no one moved.

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